Before the MR examination:

  • A conversation about the examination and any contraindications (reasons that preclude an MR examination) will be held with you as soon as you register by telephone.
  • Take a total of approx. 1 hour on the day of the examination and please come to us approx. 10 minutes before the scheduled appointment.
  • For the examination, please take relevant preliminary examination results and findings with you. We kindly ask you to fill out the information sheet.
  • We are always happy to help with any questions or any questions that may arise.

During the MR examination:

  • After being called by the radio technologist, please put your clothes in the changing room if necessary. You will receive an examination cape from us.
  • You will then be asked to enter the examination room. Our technologist will ask you again about the most important personal data and your complaints.
  • If it is already clear in advance of your examination that you will receive contrast media, the doctor will place a venous access on an examination couch, which will be removed immediately after the examination.
  • In the examination room, lie down on the table, depending on the examination region, the image transmission coils are then placed over the corresponding body region, which is completely painless and not constricting. <<
  • Now the table is moved into the magnetic field. The tubes are already relatively wide and short, so in our experience claustrophobia problems are the absolute exception. We monitor you throughout the entire examination with a camera and also acoustically. We also provide you with a small "emergency balloon" that works like a bell. You hold this in your hand and press in case of problems of any kind, whereupon we immediately interrupt the investigation.
  • The examination takes 15-20 minutes depending on the body region. You will hear a constant knock, which is why we also provide hearing protection. We are also happy to offer you music through headphones.

After the MR examination:

  • After the end of the examination, the technologists will guide you from the examination room into the changing room.
  • The results of your investigation are always burned on CD ROM.
  • Your findings will be completed as soon as possible, but at least on the date previously agreed with you.
  • In the case of urgent examinations, acute findings are also possible - with a correspondingly shorter waiting time.