About us:

Long waiting times and mass processing ..... not with us!

MR-Sonnhof is a magnetic resonance imaging facility that offers all kinds of MR examinations. Due to the constant overloading of existing MR institutes and the associated long waiting times and diagnoses that are too late, patients often have to endure pain unnecessarily or are subjected to incomplete, ineffective treatment. For this reason, we have decided to open an MRI in support in Kleinwolkersdorf. Here we always try to create quick and flexible appointments (even evening appointments). Since we offer our services on a private basis and are not yet a contractual partner of health insurance companies, it must be taken into account that regular reimbursement of our fees is not possible. In the case of existing private health insurance, the reimbursement of our fee depends on the insurance tariff.


The tariff per examination region is € 195.- (with the exception of special examinations, such as prostate - more information available in our institute!) If several regions are examined, our combination offers come into play. If a contrast medium is used to confirm the diagnosis, a surcharge of € 50 will be charged. The fee note can either be paid in CASH, with BANKOMAT or CREDIT CARD. Please inquire with your private health insurance regarding the reimbursement of our fee, this usually depends on the tariff.
NEW at MR Sonnhof!
With the latest devices, we now also offer ultrasound, fibroscan and bioimpedance analysis. You can find detailed information on our new website.

NEW: Online collection of diagnostic findings

After the examination you will receive a CD-Rom with the pictures, as well as an access code with which you and your doctor(s) have electronic access to your images and the medical findings at all times.